How Long Does Window Tinting Last?

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You will find a wide range of quality levels when shopping for window film. The top quality types will perform their function well and last a lifetime with the right care and treatment. Then there are lower quality options that try to do the same thing but never last long.

If you will be looking for the best window film for your needs, here are some things you should know. Read on to learn more about the 5 types of window tint and what you can do to squeeze every ounce of value from your investment.

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Lower Quality Film

The lower grade films will protect from harmful UV radiation and add that nice color filter to your windows. But, their effects will not last long and it will be necessary to replace the tinting within a year. If what you need is short term and in a location that receives less sunlight in the summer, a low-quality window film may be a good option for you.

Dyed Window Film

One of the least expensive window tinting options is dyed window films. You can expect this type of window tint to add the color you want and provide protection against harmful UV rays. You will also find dyed window tint looks different depending on where it is applied. It could appear completely opaque on your home while making your car windows look black. The biggest downside to dyed window tint is that it is not an especially long-lasting option. Soon the tint and UV protection will fade.

Metalized Window Film

Metalized window film will perform much like dyed window tint in that it provides color filter and protection from destructive solar rays. Better than that, metalized window tint is much stronger than dyed window tint and is reinforced with a minuscule particulate matter which makes a shatterproof shield. Unfortunately, this also makes the window a barrier to clear GPS signals and mobile device communications.

High-Quality Film

At the other end of the market, you will find the top-quality window films and all the benefits they have to the safety and security of your family. Better quality window tint will also preserve the structural integrity of your car’s interior with superior UV and solar protection. A top-quality window tint film can last as long as 30 years and even longer if installed professionally and well-maintained.

Ceramic Window Film

Perhaps the most durable of the list, ceramic window tints are a good investment. They will never lose their clarity and offer heat resistant capacity as well. Ceramic window tints also offer as much as 90% protection from solar IR rays and 99% protection against UV rays.

Crystalline Window Film

Crystalline window film contains no metal and offers special advantages when it is applied to vehicles. They work to protect the occupants of the vehicle from harmful solar rays. Crystalline window tint is darker than most others and offers superior heat blocking capacity. You will also find it blocks up to 97% of Solar Infrared radiation and 99.7% of UV rays without blocking off visible light. This makes it a safer option for cars.

Carbon Window Film

If you are looking for something less reflective and especially cool you may like the non-reflective qualities of carbon tinting. Carbon window film is a good option because it blocks a full 40% of heat from entering through windows and this keeps homes and vehicles much cooler. This tint is also especially durable and will not fade after installation. This makes it one of the more economical options as you will never have to worry about making replacements.

How To Make Your Window tint Last

There are several factors that will affect how long your window tint lasts. This includes the local climate, the regular wear and tear as well as the proper practices of the installations specialists. It will also be very important to use proper cleaning products on your windows. Ammonia and high acid-containing products can permanently ruin the tint and hasten replacements. Do not allow kids or pets to contact the glass as they will invariably leave small scratches that will lead to larger scratches.

When choosing a window tint installation company always make sure you research their levels of professionalism. Even the most costly materials can be installed poorly and not last very long costing you value from your investment.

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