Is it Legal to Have Your Car Windows Tinted in South Carolina?

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Is it Legal to Have Your Car Windows Tinted in South Carolina?

Years ago, when people first started getting their car windows tinted, they had no idea if it was legal or not. It usually wasn’t until you got pulled over that you found out your state had laws against window tinting. And, oftentimes, you could be issued a ticket for having any amount of tint. Either the police didn’t understand the laws or the laws were very vague.

The other problem is that cops in South Carolina often pull over certain types of cars more than others. For example, if you drive a sports car or a modified vehicle, there’s a greater chance that you’ll get pulled over. It’s not as often that the cops will pull over a minivan for having window tint.

Generally speaking, the police tend to look at window tint as a sign that a driver is a certain sort of person. Perhaps they assume that you’re trying to hide something. Or, if you’re playing your music loud and happen to have window tinting, you’ll be more likely to get a ticket.
The laws in South Carolina today are a lot more specific than they were years ago. However, they’re still confusing. The laws are different for someone who drives a sedan as compared to an SUV. And they’re vague about certain things, such as tint reflection and how much tint you can have on the side windows of an SUV.

When the laws are vague or confusing, people can’t understand them. It’s always a good idea to check your local laws in South Carolina before you pay to get your windows tinted. The good news is that our auto window tinters in Greenville know the law. We can let you know how much is too much. We can also remove the illegal tint and install a product that is legal in your state. Here, we’ll talk briefly about the window tint laws in South Carolina when it comes to vehicles. If you are considering getting your car windows tinted, call our office and ask any questions you may have.

What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?

The way window tint is measured is by something called visible light transmission (VLT). According to South Carolina law, you must allow a certain amount of light in your windows. Typically, the law will indicate what percentage of light must be transmitted, depending on the type of car you have. The laws are also different depending on which window you want to get tinted.

It’s safe to presume that any factory tint that is already installed on your windows at time of purchase is legal in South Carolina. It is usually only private tinting jobs that you have to worry about. Thankfully, our window tinting professionals know the law and will let you know what your options are.

The Laws are Different for Sedans and SUV

If you drive a sedan, the laws are a bit more strict than they are if you drive an SUV. For example, no matter which window you’re looking to tint on your sedan, the VLT is 27%. This means that the percentage of sight through the window must be greater than 27%. The only exception is for your windshield. Here, the tint can only be above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

If you drive a van or SUV, the law is a bit more forgiving. For these types of vehicles, you must have greater than 27% on your front side windows. However, for your rear side windows and back window, you can have any level of tint. The only requirement is that, for your back-side window, the tint must start at least several inches below the top of the window.

Contact a Professional Window Tint Company in Greenville, South Carolina

If you’ve been thinking about having your car windows tinted but aren’t sure if it’s legal, call our office. There are very specific laws in South Carolina when it comes to automobile window tint. Our experts understand the laws and can let you know what you can and cannot do to your vehicle. There are so many benefits to window tint on your vehicle. And, it is legal to have your windows tinted in Greenville. Let one of our experts answer any questions you may have.

You can call our car tinting business in Greenville at any time and schedule your free estimate. Find out what your options are. You can also have one of our professionals look at your current window tint and let you know how it can be improved.

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Is it Legal to Have Your Car Windows Tinted in South Carolina?
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