7 Ways a Tinted Glass Window Keeps You and Your House Safe

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A house with tinted glass reduces heating from the sun by 84%. All the tinted windows available in the market today do not yield the same results.  The various types of tint on the glass windows reduce the absorption of energy to different degrees.

Tinting your windows brings other benefits to your house as well. Here, we will outline some of the benefits of having tinted windows that you might not have thought about. Contact iTint today and schedule a consultation.

7 Advantages of Having Tinted Glass Windows In Your Home

You should not be worried about replacing your current windows. Good tinting film has a huge impact if installed as per the required specifications. Tinted windows also add on to the aesthetics since they are available in several colors and patterns.

Tinted Glass Windows Helps to Save Energy

Tinted windows reduce the absorption of heat during the warm seasons. They also cut down the amount of heat that is lost outside in the cold weather. This can result in significant savings on your energy bills depending on where you reside.

In several homes, windows take up to about 20% of the wall space. A lot of heat goes to waste during the winter. It is absorbed by the cool air outside making the place around the window inside the house cold.

Moving to tinted glass windows will help you avoid this by giving an extra layer of protection. This will result in lower energy bills all year long.

Window technicians tinting windows.

Keeps Birds and Pests from Getting into Your Windows

Birds are known for getting into windows. The more clear they are, the higher the chances of them getting hit. This happens since the birds cannot see clear glass when flying.

To them, they see it as free space. Due to this, they hit the window. This can disturb you and your family members or even damage the window.

Utilizing tinted glasses makes it easier for the bird to know it is approaching an obstacle.

Tinted Windows Are Good for Your Health

Tinted windows allow little UV rays into your home. These radiations are a common cause of cancer. There are various forms of UV radiation that are cut down by window tinting.

These radiations are things we all come across. They are the causes of sunburns. While you might not get a sunburn by just sitting in a window, the impacts are still being felt by your body.

UV rays have a lot of energy and they damage your cell’s DNA. This damage leads to irregular replication of cells. Tinted glass windows cut down the effects of UV radiation.

Keeps Your Furniture and Fabrics Safe from Fading

It costs a significant amount of money to furnish your house. Upholstery and all types of fabric can fade as a result of direct exposure to sunlight. It is not easy to keep furniture away from the sun while in the house.

Putting glass tint can significantly reduce the effects of the sun on your furniture. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight makes the pigments in your fabric to lose color. This is referred to as sun bleaching.

Tinted windows take in and reflect some of these bad rays. Your furniture will not only be aesthetically better but will last longer. Aside from that, sun rays weaken the threads of the fabric. Tinting your house cuts down all these effects.

Prevents People From Looking Into Your House

Modern-day tint films are simple to view out of but not from the outside. If your house is hard to see in, it can help to prevent burglary.

Criminals are reluctant to break into any house with no surety that they will get something worth stealing. Installing tinted glass windows keeps them from pointing out costly items from outside.

Houses with no tinted glasses are easier and safe targets for the burglars. This way, tinted glass windows keep you safe as well.

Tinted Windows Improve Your HVAC System Lifespan

It has been mentioned that you will cut the costs of heating and cooling. Another advantage is that your HVAC system lifespan will increase significantly.

Since the system will not strain to heat and cool your place, they will have less wear and tear. Cutting down the strain on a heater or air conditioner will prolong its lifespan.

You invested a significant amount on your HVAC system. Extending its useful life will save you a lot of money. You will also have less stress calling the HVAC contractor for maintenance every now and then.

Reduces Glare Inside Your House

Tinted glass windows keep sunlight from illuminating into your house. This glare can make it hard to enjoy watching TV and reduce the impact of interior decor choices.

Tinted windows let you put your TV and furniture wherever you want in the house. You won’t be resigned to sitting on an unfavorable chair during the sunny days.

It is simpler to read and watch without glaring light directed at your eyes. This reduced glare will let you reduce the brightness of your TV and computer screen. This will help you cut down your energy bill.

Window Tinting is Affordable

Some time back, people preferred an entire window replacement rather than using tinting film. Today, this is no longer a necessity.

Window tinting film is not only cheaper than replacing the window but can be done quickly. Professional installation takes a short time and you begin to enjoy the benefits instantly.

Home Window Tinting and You

Tinted glass windows will help you cut on costs and reduce your carbon footprint They will keep you safe from health hazards and property damages. These reductions are significant and you will experience them immediately.

It is paramount to have a professional apply your tint window film to make it look outstanding and last long. You should not wait another day to protect your health and the value of your home. Contact iTint today and we will ensure that your home gives you the protection and comfort you require.

If you want a free tinting quote in the Greenville area, reach out to us and we will be glad to give you more information.

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